About us

On opening Brisa Spa our intention is to go back to basics. Nowadays, we are more concerned about the environment, supporting small business, local farming, shopping at the local market, trying to eat healthy, going more green.

By providing a small full service spa, it is easier to control and maintain the quality. We could go to the main street but we want to keep the spa simple and focused. That is why we have chosen to operate in False Creek. Close to the city, but oh so quiet!

We are a great team! We found each other serendipitiously and united our experiencies. Being from different backgrounds, its a plus that makes us very unique. We learn from each other, and each one of us has something very special to give. That gift is our love of caring for people.

With our dedication and passion for wellness and beauty, we are committed to providing the highest quality in spa services and excellence in customer service. We enjoy working with people and we want you to feel peaceful, comfortable and relaxed while in our hands.

Brisa Spa is here to serve you and be supported by you. We are a small business but with big intentions of providing our best to you!